Controlling Vine Weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus)

Adult Vine Weevil

Vine weevil is one of the most widespread, common and devastating garden pests. The adult weevils eat plant leaves during spring and summer, but it is the grubs that cause the most damage to plants. Over the autumn and winter they feed on plant roots. This damage often results in wilting and plant death.
Plants growing in pots and containers, outdoors or under cover, are most likely to be severely damaged by vine weevil grubs. Plants growing in the open ground are less likely to be damaged.
Adult beetles feed on the foliage of many herbaceous plants and shrubs, especially Rhododendron, evergreen Euonymus, Hydrangea, Epimedium, Bergenia, Primula and strawberry.
Adults rarely cause enough damage to affect the vigour of plants.


Look out for these symptoms:

How we control Vine Weevil

On our nursery we have a strict practise in place to protect the plants that you purchase from us.

How to manage vine weevil at home

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Ask your plant supplier about their policy and how they protect the plants that you purchase.