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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products

Pot size 2 ltr Iris sibirica Ceasers Brother has medium sized broad flowers that are deep purple.

Pot size 2 ltr Iris Silver Edge has elegant, mid-blue flowers are finely rimmed with white and gently ruffled.

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Flight of Butterflies

Pot size 2 ltr Iris Flight of Butterflies has delightful, small, deep violet-blue flowers. The falls are prettily veined with white.

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Iris Sibirica Papillon

This Iris produces mid blue flowers, reaching a height of 90cm. Flowering June - July.

Royal blue flowering Iris, with dense clumps of grassy leaves. Flowering in mid summer, growing to a height of 75cm.

Dark red to purple flowering, with golden patches shininh though the centre. This Iris grows to 75cm in height, flowering in mid summer.

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Iris Ensata Rose Queen

A pink flowering Iris with crimson rays coming from the centre. Flowering in summer, reaching a height of 80cm.

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Lobelia Queen Victoria

Spikes of scarlet bloom, flowering from August to October.

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Hosta Blue Mouse Ears

Pot Size 1.5 ltr Flowers of pale purple with darker stripes, with blue green leaves.

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Achillea Cassis

Pot Size 2 ltr Deep red flowers, flowering all summer. Attract bees and butterflies.

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Athyrium metallicum

Low growing fern with attractive silver to purple foliage.

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Blechnum Volcano

An evergreen fern with crinkled foliage. Foliage changes from red to glossy green.

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Dicksonia Antartica

The well known tree fern with long arching green fronds and a wooly trunk.

A tall strong fern, which is semi evergreen.

Striking vibrant new copper fronds remain until eventualy turning a dark glossy green in mid summer.

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Dryopteris Jurassic Gold

This New fern has very attractive golden leafed foliage. It grows to around 6ocm