Snowdrops (Galanthus) are one of the first signs of spring They normally are found growing under hedges or short grass, as they thrive best with some shade. You can also plant them in containers or flower beds for some impact. Varieties such as S.Arnott and Elwesii will give you a beautiful bell shaped, slightly larger flower, which can create extra impact in your borders along smaller varieties. We supply large grade, high quality bulbs,in a wide variety for you to choose from.
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    Giant Snowdrop RHS AGM Broad, glaucous leaves and nodding, solitary white flowers in late winter,the outer segments to 2.5cm in length, inner ones flared at tip, with both basal and apical green marks that sometimes merge into one Ht 30cm Jan to March.



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    (For 20 bulbs)

    Common SNOWDROP Single fragrant white flowers 2.5cm in length, the inner segments marked with green at the tip Ht 15cm Feb/March.