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Showing 121 - 144 of 166 products

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Gaura Elurra

Elurra has dark green leaves and slender, upright stems bearing pink buds opening to wand-like panicles of star-shaped, white flowers from early summer into autumn.

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Geranium Annette

A mass of azure blue flowers on na low spreading evergreen plant. Loved by pollinators.

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Geranium Storm Cloud

This new geranium Storm Cloud is a beautiful, with vibrant semi double-deep blue flowers with heavy-veining. Great mildew resistance.

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Geum Sunset

This geum bears rich double red flowers, up to 6cm across, that are produced from late spring to late summer.

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Geum Blazing Sunset

Acid yellow, double, rosette-like flowers with ruffled petals are produced on slender stems from mid-spring to early autumn.

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Guera Gaudi Rose

Long flowering season gaura, that sways gracefully in the breeze. Lovely bright pink flowers over a long season.

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Guera Gaudi White

Long flowering season gaura, that sways gracefully in the breeze.Lovely white flowers over a long season.

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Lavandula Hidcote Blue

Hidcote' is a bushy dwarf evergreen shrub,with silvery-grey leaves and small deep violet-purple flowers on dense, aromatic spikes.

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Pretty Jenny

Pot size 2 ltr Lychnis Petite Jenny is a compact, tufted perennial with exquisite clusters of double, soft lavender-pink flowers born on upright, slender, leafy stems

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Alchemilla Irish Silk

A stand out item for perennial beds. Produces yellow flowers.

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Allium Millenium

Good for bees and pollinators.

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Astrantia Purple Joyce

Deep ruby wine flowers and green inners. Flowering from June to September.

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Astrantia Red Joyce

Beautiful deep red flowers amongst green leaves.

Attracts bees and butterflies throughout the Summer.

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Astrantia Pink Joyce

Attractive bright pink flowers which attract bees and butterflies.

Easy to grow ground cover, attractive foliage and flowers, tough and good in shade

A delicate lookink plant that is tough .White always works to lift a flower display.

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Agastache Little Adder

Compact form of agastache.Nice aromatic foliage and great for pollinators.

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Agastache Morello

A nice cerise pink form with aromatic foliage and good for pollinators.

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Dahlia Arabian Night

9cm plants pre order for May to July delivery

A decorative Dahlias are with double flowers between 20-25cm diameter, and also the variation in form and depths of colour. Arabian Night is striking dark red flower that adds impact to a border, excellent cut flower variety

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Dahlia Bishop of Dover

Pre-Order 9cm potted plants for delivery from April to June

Dahlia Bishop of Dover has striking dark foliage which enhance the wonderful white flowers that are produced from June to October. The flowers also have a hint of lilac through the petal and cheery yellow centres. The single open flowers make it an excellent late source of nectar for bees and butterflies, and other pollinating insects.

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Dahlia Blue Bayou

Pre-order 9cm plants for delivery from April to June

Anemone dahlia Blue Bayou produces unique flowers with double feathered central petals. Lilac to purple petals with a rich marron centre. This variety makes a good cut flower and has a long flowering period. One of my favourite dahlias.

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Dahlia Bocherell

Pre-order 9cm potted plants for April to June delivery

Dahlia Bocherell is a decorative dahlia that produces butter yellow centres and apricot shades towards the edge of each flower. A fairly tall dahlia with strong stems. The colour glows in the evening light and also makes a good cutting dahlia for flower arranging.

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Dahlia Cafe au Lait

Pre-order 9cm plants for April to June delivery

Dahlia Cafe Au lait is a pretty dinner Plate dahlia variety with huge creamy coloured flowers and contrasting peachy centres. Perfect for border or patio containers. Excellent cut flowers for the Dahlia Cafe Au lait is favoured by florists and flower arrangers for summer weddings.