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Our Plant finder is an easy to use section that lets you browse all our plants using pictures and a short description in an A-Z format, or you can search by using the filter section.
If you know the plant genus you are looking for use the filter section Genus and then click the required genus to browse the plants that we have available.
Alternatively if you are unsure of which plant to use in a location, but know the height, colour, or spread etc., our filter section is excellent to see the plants we have to match your requirements.

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  • Spectabilis


    £8.00 £6.67 (ex. VAT)
    Arching sprays of dainty, rose-pink, heart-shaped flowers appear in late spring above fern-like, fresh green leaves
  • Stoechas Kew Red

    Stoechas Kew Red

    £2.90 £2.42 (ex. VAT)
    A french lavender with cerise crimson flowers. Ideal for containers.