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Our Plant finder is an easy to use section that lets you browse all our plants using pictures and a short description in an A-Z format, or you can search by using the filter section.
If you know the plant genus you are looking for use the filter section Genus and then click the required genus to browse the plants that we have available.
Alternatively if you are unsure of which plant to use in a location, but know the height, colour, or spread etc., our filter section is excellent to see the plants we have to match your requirements.

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  • saxifraga Highlander  White

    saxifraga Highlander White

    £5.00 £4.17 (ex. VAT)
    Pot size 1 ltr
    A fully hardy perennial evergreen alpine with white flowers in early Summer, late Spring and mid Spring. It grows well in semi-shade and direct sun
  • Saxifraga Rocco Red

    Saxifraga Rocco Red

    £5.00 £4.17 (ex. VAT)
    Pot size 1 ltr
    Bright red blooms. Compact and mounded evergreen plants are low-maintenance
  • Scabiosa Flutter Rose Pink

    Scabiosa Flutter Rose Pink

    £9.00 £7.50 (ex. VAT)
    Pretty pale pink blooms, that flower all Summer and are delicate additions to any border.
    Out of stock
  • Scabiosa Mariposa Blue

    Scabiosa Mariposa Blue

    £9.00 £7.50 (ex. VAT)
    Lavender blue flower heads with grey green leaves. Flowering all summer.
  • Sedum Matrona

    Sedum Matrona

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Pot Size 1 ltr
    Flowers of soft pink on tinged red foliage.
  • Sedum Munstead Red

    Sedum Munstead Red

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Pot Size 1 ltr
    Dark red flower heads on purple green stems.
  • Snow Queen

    Snow Queen

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Pot size 3 ltr
    Pure whit passion flower which is hardy and lightly perfumed
  • Thalictrum Little Pinkie

    Thalictrum Little Pinkie

    £9.00 £7.50 (ex. VAT)
    Attractive fluffy pink clusters of flowers that create a hazy effect and attract pollinators.
    Out of stock
  • Verbena Bampton

    Verbena Bampton

    £8.50 £7.08 (ex. VAT)
    Deep purple foliage, with short pikes of small pink flowers. Attracts bees.
  • Verbena Buenos Aires

    Verbena Buenos Aires

    £8.00 £6.67 (ex. VAT)
    Rich purple florets which attract bees and butterflies.
  • Veronica Red Fox

    Veronica Red Fox

    £7.00 £5.83 (ex. VAT)
    Deep pink flower spikes on a mound of bushy leafs. Flowering all Summer.
  • Viola Columbine

    Viola Columbine

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Excellent groundcover and edging plant, but good for containers.
  • Viola Etain

    Viola Etain

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Good for containers.