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Our Plant finder is an easy to use section that lets you browse all our plants using pictures and a short description in an A-Z format, or you can search by using the filter section.
If you know the plant genus you are looking for use the filter section Genus and then click the required genus to browse the plants that we have available.
Alternatively if you are unsure of which plant to use in a location, but know the height, colour, or spread etc., our filter section is excellent to see the plants we have to match your requirements.

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  • Agapanthus BLACK MAGIC

    Agapanthus BLACK MAGIC

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Dark black flower buds open into dark indigo flowers.A tall deciduous agapanthus
  • Agapanthus Northern Star

    Agapanthus Northern Star

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    One of our most popular agapanthus. Strong reflexed blue flowers with a dark stripe.
  • Agapanthus QUEEN MUM

    Agapanthus QUEEN MUM

    £18.00 £15.00 (ex. VAT)
    Large bi-coloured agapanthus with football sized blooms on strong stems.
  • Agapanthus Strawberry Ice

    Agapanthus Strawberry Ice

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Unusual agapanthus with white blooms that are flushed with pink at the tip.
    Out of stock
  • Agapanthus Sweet Surprise

    Agapanthus Sweet Surprise

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    An agapanthus with beautiful star shaped pale blue flowers with a darker blue line. Evergreen.
  • Agapanthus Twister

    Agapanthus Twister

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Short bi coloured agapanthus for containers and borders.
  • Amethyst Beauty

    Amethyst Beauty

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Selected for its unrivalled flowering habit, bright purple flowers adorn this clematis.
  • Anna Louise

    Anna Louise

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    This clematis has fabulous bluey-purple star-shaped flowers with a bright cerise bar and a striking crown of contrasting stamens.
  • Audrey F1 Blue Shades

    Audrey F1 Blue Shades

    £5.00 £4.17 (ex. VAT)
    A classic blue flowered aubretia for rockeries, containers and natural stone walls.
  • Audrey F1 Purple Shades

    Audrey F1 Purple Shades

    £5.00 £4.17 (ex. VAT)
    A classic purple flowered aubrieta for rockeries, containers and natural stone walls.
  • Belgica


    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Red flushed white flowered honeysuckle that is highly scented. Deciduous
  • Blossom


    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    Tall flowered lupins with light pink flower spikes.
  • Brunnera Jack Frost

    Brunnera Jack Frost

    £7.00 £5.83 (ex. VAT)
    Silver foliage with light blue flowers in early spring
  • Catherina Fontijn

    Catherina Fontijn

    £20.00 £16.67 (ex. VAT)
    Sweetly scented soft pink fully double flowers
  • Clematis Abilene

    Clematis Abilene

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    New introduction 'Abilene' from Raymond Evisons patio collection launched at Chelsea , a low growing climbing clematis that is ideal for pots on the patio.
  • Clematis Acropolis

    Clematis Acropolis

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    New for 2018 Acropolise from Raymond Evison. Bright pink flowers that cover the plant from top to toe from june to September
  • Clematis alpina Helsinborg

    Clematis alpina Helsinborg

    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    Nodding purple to blue flowers adorn this clematis that will grow in most locations.
  • Clematis Arctic Queen

    Clematis Arctic Queen

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Double white flowered clematis. Big White double bom bom flowers fromJune to September in any aspect
  • Clematis Bernadine

    Clematis Bernadine

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Large pale blue to lilac flowers. Perfect for containers and obelisks, a clematis that will repeat flower.
  • Clematis Bourbon

    Clematis Bourbon

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    A clematis with vibrant red flowers merging to deep rose-pink at the centre.
  • Clematis Chelsea

    Clematis Chelsea

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    A classic clematis from Raymond Evison. White flowers with a light blue hue. Good for containers.
  • Clematis Crystal Fountain

    Clematis Crystal Fountain

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Clematis 'Crystal Fountain' produces masses of stunning violet blue, semi double flowers.
  • Clematis Dianas Delight

    Clematis Dianas Delight

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    A blue flowered clematis with a large yellow centre. Repeat flowers.
  • Clematis Empress

    Clematis Empress

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Large double pink flowers, with deeper pink bar and an exotic spiky pink fountain-like centre.
  • Clematis Filigree

    Clematis Filigree

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    This is a lovely clematis that has charming silvery-pinkish-mauve flowers with pretty ruffled edges, and the flower is often semi-double. It likes to be in full sun to partial shade.
  • Clematis florida Pistachio

    Clematis florida Pistachio

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Florida Pistachio is a single creamy white flowered clematis of the sieboldii style. This clematis is deciduous, and likes to be in full sun to partial shade.
  • Clematis florida Viennetta

    Clematis florida Viennetta

    £15.00 £12.50 (ex. VAT)
    This deciduous clematis has double flowers of white with a purple inner ruffle.
  • Clematis Guiding Promise

    Clematis Guiding Promise

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Guiding Promise is a repeat flowering clematis with mauve-purple coloured petals with purple anthers. This variety was launched to celebrate the girl Guides in the UK.
  • Clematis Juliane

    Clematis Juliane

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    This cleamtis is repeat flowering, with pure white flowers, tipped with pink.
  • Clematis Kimiko

    Clematis Kimiko

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    An evergreen clematis, with pure white, scented flowers from top to bottom.
    Out of stock
  • Clematis montana Elizabeth

    Clematis montana Elizabeth

    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    A clematis that produces small scented pink flowers. This clematis is deciduous and will cover a large area.
  • Clematis Moonglow

    Clematis Moonglow

    £15.00 £12.50 (ex. VAT)
    Beautiful light pink pom-pom like clematis that is deciduous.
  • Clematis Nubia

    Clematis Nubia

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Produces glorious large rich velvety red, star shaped flowers that have dark purply red stamens. It will repeat flower from May to September.
  • Clematis Ooh La La

    Clematis Ooh La La

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    The name says it all! Light mauvy-pink flowers with wavy margins and vibrant deep pink bars. This clematis will stand out in any garden.
  • Clematis Paulie

    Clematis Paulie

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    This is a repeat flowering clematis with lavender-purple flowers with a distinctive red bar on each petal.
  • Clematis Princess Diana

    Clematis Princess Diana

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    This clematis has gorgeus tulip shaped luminous pink flowers, that can climb pergolas and climb shrubs and trees.
    Out of stock
  • Clematis Rebecca

    Clematis Rebecca

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    One of our most popular clematis "Rebecca" has deep red velvet flowers that repeat flower.
  • Clematis Reflections

    Clematis Reflections

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    A strong growing semi-double lilac-blue flowered clematis with purple-red anthers.
  • Clematis Sacha

    Clematis Sacha

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Repeat flowering clematis with deep blue flowers. Good for small spaces and gardens.
  • Clematis Sally

    Clematis Sally

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Strong growing clematis with delightful pink flowers that donÕt fade in the sun.
  • Clematis Zara

    Clematis Zara

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    This clematis has blue flowers, repeating flowering. This is a clematis that is ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Dessert Sun

    Dessert Sun

    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    Tall flowered lupins with rich yellow flower spikes.
  • Ellen Double Red

    Ellen Double Red

    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    Large dark red to maroon double flowers in early spring
  • fenland Day Break

    fenland Day Break

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    This Hesperantha has dark pink lily like flowers. It is easy to grow, and likes to be in full sun.
  • Gold Flame

    Gold Flame

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Orange/yelow flowered honeysuckle that is highly scented. Semi evergreen
  • Hesperantha Major

    Hesperantha Major

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    This Hesperantha is easy to grow, displaying a bright red, lily like flower.
  • Hesperantha Pink Princess

    Hesperantha Pink Princess

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    This Hesperantha produces delicate pink lily like flowers, that are easy to look after.
  • Heuchera Cinnebar Silver

    Heuchera Cinnebar Silver

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Heuchera 'Cinnabar Silver' has a stunning metallic silver foliage with dark purple veining.
    Out of stock
  • Heuchera Electra

    Heuchera Electra

    £8.00 £6.67 (ex. VAT)
    This heuchera has shocking, blood-red veins that electrify its golden leaves. This foligae is gret for containers or borders.
  • Heuchera Golden Zebra

    Heuchera Golden Zebra

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    This striking heuchera has great foliage, combining golden leaves with red centres. These are perfect for containers and borders.
  • Heuchera Gotham

    Heuchera Gotham

    £8.00 £6.67 (ex. VAT)
    This heuchera has deep burgundy foliage, with fawn flowers. The contrast between the two colours causes it to stand out in a border, or even a container.
  • Heuchera Little Cutie Blondie

    Heuchera Little Cutie Blondie

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    This heuchera has caramel foliage, with fawn flowers. It is great for putting in borders and containers.
  • Heuchera Onyx

    Heuchera Onyx

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    The true dark foliage is contrasted againt the white flowers it produces. This heuchera can be planted in borders or containers.
  • Heuchera Paris

    Heuchera Paris

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    This Heuchera has white-veiled green leaves with clusters of deep rose-colored flowers. These repeating blooming heucheras are perfect for borders or containers.
  • Heuchera Red Lightning

    Heuchera Red Lightning

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Heuchera Red Lightning has striking foliage of golden leaves with electrifying red veins. Can be striking in a border or container.
  • Heuchera Rio

    Heuchera Rio

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Rio has foliage that changes through out the season. Starting of peach-amber, turning to amber, tan, and finaly turning to a yellow tan colour. it also produces short maroon flower spikes with white flowers.
  • Heuchera Shanghai

    Heuchera Shanghai

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    This heuchera produces silvery-purple leaves, with dark stems and white flowers. The contrast fro mthe leaves to flowers will make for an interesting piece in any border or container.
  • Heuchera Sweet Tart

    Heuchera Sweet Tart

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Amazing bicoloured cerise and hot pink flowers contrast with the lime coloured foliage of 'Sweet Tart'.
  • Heuchera Tokyo

    Heuchera Tokyo

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    Tokyo has a beautiful flower of bright red, and foliage of lime green. This heuchera is perfect in borders or containers.
  • Ice Maiden

    Ice Maiden

    £8.00 £6.67 (ex. VAT)
    This hesperantha is easy to grow, displying pure white lily like flowers.
  • Kniphofia Mango Popsicle

    Kniphofia Mango Popsicle

    £9.00 £7.50 (ex. VAT)
    This Kniphofia is compact and free flowering. It produces spikes of mango orange spikes.
  • Kniphofia Papya Popsicle

    Kniphofia Papya Popsicle

    £9.00 £7.50 (ex. VAT)
    Papya Popsicle produces flower spikes of yellow at the bottom, turning to orange and red at the tip. It is compact and free flowering.
  • Kniphofia Red Hot Popsicle

    Kniphofia Red Hot Popsicle

    £9.00 £7.50 (ex. VAT)
    Red hot Popsicle is a compact free flowering kniphofia, with cinnamon red flower spikes.
  • Lupin Beefeater

    Lupin Beefeater

    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    Tall flowered lupins with pure red flower spikes.
  • Lupin Gladiator

    Lupin Gladiator

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    A tall flowering lupin that produces vibrant orange and yellow bicolour flower spikes.
  • Lupin Manhatten Lights

    Lupin Manhatten Lights

    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    Producing spikes of purple and yellow, this tall lupin is very popular, and flowers throughout the summer.
  • Lupin Master Piece

    Lupin Master Piece

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    The flower spikes produced are a rich purple colour with orage flecks. This lupin can grow quite tall, and it very popular.
  • Magic Lantern

    Magic Lantern

    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    This tall flowering lupin has deep purple and yellow bicolour flower spikes.
  • Nepeta Six Hills Giant

    Nepeta Six Hills Giant

    £4.00 £3.33 (ex. VAT)
    Excellent scented silver blue foliage, with lavender blue flowers,cut back at any time, good ground cover,loved by cats
  • Polar Princess

    Polar Princess

    £10.00 £8.33 (ex. VAT)
    This tall lupin, flowers in the summer produing pure white flower spikes.
  • Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash

    Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash

    £7.00 £5.83 (ex. VAT)
    Flowers emerge from bud they are a rich shade of raspberry, but as they age they turn purplish and then almost blue
  • Rachel de Thame

    Rachel de Thame

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    This tall lupin produces many flower spikes of a pink and white bicolour.
  • Salvia Caradonna

    Salvia Caradonna

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    A very reliable violet blue flowered salvia. Loved by bees and butterflies.
  • Salvia Caramia

    Salvia Caramia

    £6.00 £5.00 (ex. VAT)
    A very reliable violet blue flowered compact salvia. Loved by bees and butterflies.
  • Samaritan Jo

    Samaritan Jo

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    A repeat flowering clematis which has pale pink flowers with distinctively edged petals and unusual blooms that have six or more pointed petals.
  • Snow Queen

    Snow Queen

    £12.00 £10.00 (ex. VAT)
    Pure whit passion flower which is hardy and lightly perfumed