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Showing 1 - 24 of 391 products
Showing 1 - 24 of 391 products

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Clematis Nubia

Pot size 2 ltr Produces glorious large rich velvety red, star shaped flowers that have dark purply red stamens. It will repeat flower from May to September.

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Clematis Moonglow

Pot size 2 ltr Beautiful light pink pom-pom like clematis that is deciduous.

Pot size 3 ltr A clematis that produces small scented pink flowers. This clematis is deciduous and will cover a large area.

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Lupin Rachel de Thame

Pot size 3 ltr This tall lupin produces many flower spikes of a pink and white bicolour.

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Lupin Master Piece

Pot size 9 cm The flower spikes produced are a rich purple colour with orage flecks. This lupin can grow quite tall, and it very popular.

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Lupin Gladiator

Pot size 9 cm A tall flowering lupin that produces vibrant orange and yellow bicolour flower spikes.

Pot size 9 cm Traditional scented blue english lavender for containers and borders.

Pot size 9 cm A scented white flowered english lavender for containers and borders

Pot size 9 cm A french lavender with cerise crimson flowers. Ideal for containers.

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Root grow 360g

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Root grow 60g

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Nepeta Six Hills Giant

Pot size 3ltr Excellent scented silver blue foliage, with lavender blue flowers,cut back at any time, good ground cover,loved by cats

Pot size 1 ltr This heuchera has caramel foliage, with fawn flowers. It is great for putting in borders and containers.

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Heuchera Gotham

Pot size 2 ltr This heuchera has deep burgundy foliage, with fawn flowers. The contrast between the two colours causes it to stand out in a border, or even a container.

Pot size 9 cm A compact, frosted blue english lavender with silver foliage.

Pot size 9 cm Scented, clear light blue flowered English lavender.

Pot size 9 cm English lavender with large lilac flowers held on strong stems over silver foliage.

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Clematis Abilene

Pot size 2 ltr New introduction 'Abilene' from Raymond Evisons patio collection launched at Chelsea , a low growing climbing clematis that is ideal for pots on the patio.

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Clematis Acropolis

Pot size 2 ltr New for 2018 Acropolise from Raymond Evison. Bright pink flowers that cover the plant from top to toe from june to September

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Clematis Bernadine

Pot size 2 ltr Large pale blue to lilac flowers. Perfect for containers and obelisks, a clematis that will repeat flower.

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Clematis Bourbon

Pot size 2 ltr A clematis with vibrant red flowers merging to deep rose-pink at the centre.

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Clematis Chelsea

Pot size 2 ltr A classic clematis from Raymond Evison. White flowers with a light blue hue. Good for containers.

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Clematis Empress

Pot size 2 ltr Large double pink flowers, with deeper pink bar and an exotic spiky pink fountain-like centre.

Pot size 2 ltr Clematis 'Crystal Fountain' produces masses of stunning violet blue, semi double flowers.